Vanilla Beans

Origin from Papua, Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country that is rich in natural resources, one of which is the vanilla seed or commonly known as vanilla pod which is known as the best quality vanilla bean.

Vanilla beans also have many name variants, namely:

  1. tahitian vanilla
  2. vanilla planifolia

The tropical weather in Indonesia is the key to better growth of this plant, but so many farmers in Indonesia can’t wait for a long harvest. Many farmers harvest only 8-9 months, which reduces the quality of the vanilla beans

Vanilla is one of the most expensive and well-known useful spices in the world,

usually used in cake mixes, beverages, perfume, cosmetics, and aromatherapy,

The unique and fragrant aroma can enhance the taste and aroma of food, because it contains a volatile compound called vanillin.

High Vanillin percentage makes the declared quality of vanilla better.

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Specification Vanilla Grade A :

Color : Normal, characteristics as Vanilli

Color : Black

Moisture content : 30%-35%

Vanilli content, dry basis : 2.52%

Size : 17 up


Specification Vanilla Grade B :

Color : Normal, characteristics as Vanilli

Color : Black

Moisture content : 20%-25%

Vanilli content, dry basis : 1,5%

Size : 14 up


B2B max order 50kg

Packing vacum per 1kg

FOB : Tanjung Priok Port, Indonesia